how it works
You can start your recycling journey with BOTTLEBANK by
following these 5 simple steps:
Step 1
Get the new BOTTLEBANK CA app from your preferred app store and create your account.
Step 2
Find the nearest BOTTLEBANK drop-off point on the
app's built-in map.
Step 3
Get bags
BOTTLEBANK Blue Bags are available both at the drop-off points and at participating grocery stores. Moreover, you can get your first, promotional bag package at any drop-off point free of charge.
Step 4
Collect your CRV bottles and cans, and don't forget to crush the aluminum and plastic ones to save space in your bag. Then tie your bag firmly and take it to your chosen drop-off location.
Step 5
Get your bag scanned, and your CRV funds will be credited electronically to your account in a maximum of 72 hours.
All about our bags
To ensure an efficient recycling process, we exclusively use BOTTLEBANK blue bags when accepting recyclables. These specially designed bags are equipped with unique QR codes that our colleagues will scan every time you drop them off, so we can make sure you receive your well-deserved CRV refunds. You can get these bags at participating grocery stores, but availability may vary. Please make sure you only use these BOTTLEBANK blue bags when recycling with us.

In our commitment to providing you with the best recycling experience, we're excited to share that we're working on implementing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Thanks to this improvement, all our bags will be equipped with embedded chips that will eliminate the need for QR code scanning, resulting in a more seamless and efficient process when dropping off bags. It won't mean you'll not be able to use your remaining QR-coded bags, however, as long as they're available in shops, you're free to use both type at the same time.
What we take
Unsure about what to recycle with BottleBank?
Here's a simple guide for determining what goes in your BottleBank bags:
Only beverage containers purchased in California can be redeemed for a refund. All containers must be completely empty, containers holding any liquid will not be counted.
The container examples below are not the only eligible containers nor an endorsement of specific products. New additions may not have CRV labels until July 1, 2025.
Please note that we always accept containers according to CalRecycle’s latest rules.
Franzia, Movino, Bota Box
Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, Cutwater Mai Tai
Beer and Malt Beverages
Coors, White Claw, Mike's Hard Lemonade
Wine Coolers and Distilled Spirit Coolers
Arbor Mis White Zinfandel, Woodchuck Hard Cider, High Noon Vodka Soda
Carbonated Soft Drinks
Pepsi, Sprite, Coca-Cola
Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks
SoBe Lifewater, Visvista Aloe Vera Drink, Califa Almond Milk
Carbonated Fruit Drink
Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice, Izzie Sparkling Juice
Carbonated Water Beverages
LaCroix, San Pelligrino, Bubly
Sport Drinks
Gatorade, Powerade, Pedialyte Sport
Noncarbonated Water
Evian Natural Springs, Dasani Purified, Fiji Natural Artesian
Fruit Juice
Coconut Water, Dole Tropical Fruit Punch, Simply Orange Juice
Vegetable Juice
Cambell’s Tomato, Odwalla Carrot, V8 Vegetable
Coffee and Tea Beverages
Starbucks Frappuccino, Lipton Iced Tea, Arizona Green Tea
Show more
Medical food
Infant formula
Food and non-beverage containers
Juice boxes
Juice pouches
Juice cartons
Simply check the labels and if you see any of the following messages printed on them, they’re eligible:
"California Redemption Value"
"CA Redemption Value"
"California Cash Refund"
"CA Cash Refund"
Please note that containers that became eligible on January 1, 2024 may not have CRV labels on them until July 1, 2025.
What is CRV?

CRV stands for California Redemption Value, a nominal fee applied to recyclable beverage containers purchased in California. By downloading our BottleBank CA app, you gain access to essential information on recycling these containers and reclaiming this fee effortlessly, transforming your recyclables into valuable assets.

What can I put into the bags?

The easiest way to decide is to simply check the outside of your aluminum, glass or plastic bottles, and see if they have a "CA Cash Refund" or "CA CRV Refund" message printed on them. If they do, you can lightly crush these containers if you wish and, regardless of their type, mix them all in the same BottleBank bag for drop-off. Please note that items added after this notice may not be labeled until July 1, 2025. For more details, check out our guide on eligible items.

How does redemption work?

With BOTTLEBANK® It's simple - just download the NEW app, collect your bottles and cans in our special bag, take them to the nearest BOTTLEBANK® recycling point and get your bags scanned. You'll receive your CRV funds electronically within 72 hours.

How will I get my CRV back?

When you drop off a bag, our helpful staff will scan it. After processing, your refund will be credited electronically within 72 hours.

Do I have to separate the containers by type?

No, we also accept bags with mixed materials,so you don't have to separate your bottles and cans if you don't want to.

Where can I get BottleBank bags?

You can find them at participating stores all over San Francisco. Check out our list of locations to see which one is closest to you.

Can I crush the plastic bottles and aluminum cans?

Yes, with the new BOTTLEBANK you can crush them. This way you can fit in more bottles and cans in every bag.

Where can I drop off my recycled items?

Simply open your BottleBank CA app, check on its built-in map which drop-off location is the most convenient for you, and you're ready to go.

Is the BOTTLEBANK® service free?

Enjoy a waived $0.25 bag processing fee until January 1, 2025!

How much money do I get for my containers?

The latest prices are always available in the app, and are in accordance with CalRecycle’s latest updates. So, finding out how much you can get for your containers is just a few taps away.

Is there a limit to how much I can drop off?

Customers are allowed to drop off up to 25 pounds per day for each material type, excluding glass. For glass containers, the daily limit is 250 pounds per person. These load limits are regulated by CalRecycle. Anything over the load limit will be paid scrap price. More information in the Terms of Services.

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