The first bag drop system in California
where it truly pays to recycle
In 2022, we introduced a new way to return CRV containers to offer a solution for people to redeem CRV with numerous drop-off sites and time slots. Our goal was to make recycling easy and accessible, so everyone can take part and pave the way for a more sustainable future, while getting their previously paid nickels and dimes back.
Ever since we started the program, BOTTLEBANKTM has helped the people of San Francisco to get back more than $317,000 in CRV funds. During the first two years we have received more than 95,000 bags with more than 5.6 million containers. This inspired us to keep innovating so we could bring more convenience and better options for CRV redemption, and work towards a cleaner, greener planet at the same time. This is why we decided that San Francisco and California deserved a customized and tailor-made solution with the new BOTTLEBANK app that offers a multitude of options to get us closer to a more sustainable solution.
Moreover, thanks to our partnership with InnovaBin, California can have its customized bag drop system for the first time ever! In 2024, you will be able to drop off crushed containers for more convenience, you will see the arrival of our first ever smart container, and we hope that more and more recycling centers in California will implement their own BOTTLEBANKTM location to help everyone get their CRV funds back.
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Bottlebank®: turn your trash into gold!
Transform the way you think about recyclables with San Francisco's new, innovative CRV recycling program! Meet BOTTLEBANK® - a convenient and easy-to-use recycling service where you can earn money with ease while being a champion of a greener tomorrow.
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